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Bring grass roots Americans and medical professionals together to redesign medical and mental health care as an effective, efficient market-based system for the delivery of and payment for high quality, more affordable health care.

Communicate critical elements of a redesigned, market-based health care system to the public, industry leaders, policymakers, Congress and state legislators by engineering a comprehensive media presence to drive activism and change.


Using a broad range of media to create and distribute to everyday Americans, well-sourced and soundly-conceived ideas, processes, and procedures that deliver quality medical and mental health care at more affordable prices, and that enhance the essential professional relationship between patients with their choice of medical and mental health professionals.

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Help me build the "Solutions Project"

Thanks for your consideration. I need help funding this new project to bring solutions for healthcare redesign to the public.

Your "investment" of $50, $100, $250, $500, or more, will be used to develop the first project - about Pricing Transparency. And then, to help build the infrastructure for the COHR Foundation.

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Coalition for Healthcare Redesign Foundation

For any amount of $100 or more, I will send you an autographed copy of the new book I wrote with Lee Beecher, MD - Passion for Patients - Just released in March, 2017.