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While the 1950's teenager might have hidden behind the garage with a stolen Playboy, today's teen simply dials up a net address in the seclusion of the family's computer center or in a library kiosk.

Internet service providers have devised screening programs to protect teens from obscenity, but as with all attempts to treat symptoms, this does nothing to cure root problems. It is not the availability of dirty pictures that is the problem; it is the inability to abide by the Holy Spirit's guidance and avoid that which poisons one's spirit.

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In 1979, I swore off cigarettes for good. In 1983, I sold my businesses and swore off ever employing anyone again. One habit was killing me physically, and the other, thanks to ultra-liberal government policies favoring employees, was killing my business.

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Jobs up in smoke

Collectivist Volunteerism

May 29th, 1998

 "Son," I said to the 14-year old child in the 6' long body draped on the couch in front of Monday Nitro, "Mrs. Hanson wondered if you would put out her trash."

Hanson is the 87-year old widow we see struggling up the street each morning steadied by her aluminum walker. "Imagine how she keeps up a house, as crippled as she is," we say. But she really cannot do it without neighborhood volunteers.

Son rolls over and asks, "When, dad?"

"Before the trash truck comes in the morning, son."

"I like volunteering for that old women," he says as his pleased father experiences the pride that comes from watching children mature. "How much will she pay?"

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April 2, 1998

Now he can do the job Americans hired him do, so states William Jefferson Clinton, President of the United States of America. What a relief (at least for him and the sycophantic beltway press corps)!

Scanning the news reports of Arkansas Judge Susan Wright's dismissal of Paula Jones sexual harassment case against the President of the United States, one would perhaps begin to think that Mr. Clinton has put this all behind him now.

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Clinton is guilty, not Paula

August 14, 1998

David Nelson came to school one day as Debra Davis. He dresses and talks like a woman, and even tries to use the women's bathroom.

School officials at Minneapolis Southwest High School want the school children to understand and be tolerant of Nelson/Davis. They have even created a "unisex" toilet for him/her, despite the fact he/she would rather go into the ladies' room.

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Our modern, tolerant society

Earth gods deceive God's people

June 25th, 1998

Al Gore knows a New World Order when he sees one. He has stated that the environment will be the world's new organizing principle

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The taste of death

Egads! Look what they're asking!!

February 20, 2002

Sammy had it all figured out. The Internet and private businesses are invasive. The government? He told them his most private and privileged information without a thought.

Maybe that’s Sammy’s problem; he doesn’t think.

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​March 6, 2002

The question of whether or not America is a Christian nation is a red herring and the wrong question to ask. It is also the wrong position to support.

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​America, a Christian Nation?

​Left meets right at the Bush,

or is paranoia another word for vigilance?

March 15, 2002


Two friends write to me regularly about President George W. Bush. One comes at politics from the far left; the other from the far right and they share at least three points of view and one serious mental condition.


They both see President Bush as the personification of Adolph Hitler. 

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Life & Love Are in His Hands

March 25, 2002

Rosanne sat alongside her aged mother’s bed, softly stroking her bony arm. Weighing less than 70 pounds, Sylvia had eaten no more than 200 calories a day for nearly five weeks. Age and Merkel Cell Cancer had conspired to sap the life from the 83-year old woman.

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April 2, 2002

Influential American educators in the late 1980s, saw that the time had arrived for America’s schools to do as did the Soviets. They also saw they could accomplish their goals even though it required a Soviet-style conformity that had been, until then, “unacceptable in a country where public education is locally controlled and educational variation … is esteemed".

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Big ideas are hard to kill:

The Sovietizing of American education

April 9, 2002

Given the hyped accusations levied against airport screeners immediately following the attack on the World Trade Center, one would almost assume that terrorists regularly commandeered airplanes and threatened travelers. Pundits and politicians alike insisted the security screening system was flawed, and we could no longer fly in safety.

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You ever been in a plane crash?

You ever seen a successful bureaucracy?

April 17, 2002

Recent generations of Americans seem indifferent to their loss of privacy. Instead, they seem to long for someone to care for them. If providing electronic information on their every movement seems to make their life more comfortable, then they stand ready to line up for their VeriChips. Amazed that terrorists could fly into tall buildings, this generation seems ready to submit to whatever means seems prudent to government to track the bad guys – even if it means at the same time, tracking the good guys.

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Who cares about privacy anymore?

April, 22, 2002

My father, born in 1914, told stories about his family living in many different and barely affordable locations, even, for a time in a tent. Later on, during the Great Depression, his bed for a time was a hammock hung in Grandpa Racer’s Pastor’s study at St. Paul’s Union Gospel Mission..

The Racers were desperately poor, as was just about everyone else they knew. Despite their poverty, the children became a doctor, two librarians, a woman of letters, a physics teacher and dad, the man who could do anything with his hands. And at the Union Gospel Mission, miracles of God occurred through the heart and hands of the Rev. Harley Racer, my poverty-stricken grandfather, and his saintly wife.

The Racer’s were delightfully rich—in character.

World Bank President James Wolfensohn sees the issue of poverty differently. He declared this past weekend that international terrorism will persist unless American taxpayers ante up billions of dollars to eradicate poverty.

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Poverty, education and terrorism

Why worry about failing?

Government is here to save you..

Farmers are in trouble. Milk, grain and livestock prices paid to farmers are not enough to sustain profitability. Without profitability, farmers go out of business.

Does the US Congress have a legitimate interest in making sure that farmers do not go out of business?

Has the US Congress done anything that limits farmers’ ability to farm profitably?

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May 4, 2002

Farmers are essential to freedom. Food is essential to life. A fair return on investment of money and physical labor is essential to both.

In this clarifying column I wanted to make sure that no one misunderstood my premise in the most previous column about Sen. Wellstone – more specifically, about the idea of government trying to reduce or eliminate the risk of failure.

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May 8, 2002

How could anyone be against clean water? We drink it, bath in it, wash our clothes in it. Without it we die. I am certainly not against clean water.    

How could anyone be against an organization whose purpose is to protect clean water? That is easy to answer, if one looks beneath the surface of the sea of misinformation surrounding this group. Only then can one see the dangerous iceberg lurking below.

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Clean water:

​The tip of a radical green iceberg

Prison is not a nice place

May 19, 2002

Fresh raw feces lined the “cage” in which prisoner Moyers* lived. I call his 6 x 10 foot cell with steel doors a cage because there is no other way to describe the way this animal lives. And I know little about why he lives this way.

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Congratulations to GE for bringing good things to life

May 30th, 2002

Pro-life activists are quick to point out those corporate interests who fund abortion providers. 


Now we have a chance to thank a big corporation. 

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June 3, 2002


“Read this for the Racers,” Grandma Ellen* said to four-year-old Lucy and handed her an email that had arrived earlier that morning. The email described efforts to medically treat an adult woman who had leukemia.

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Problem child in the making?

Pre-screening precocious child


June 6, 2002


Okay, so the headline is premature. But keep your eyes and ears peeled, because it could become a reality.

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All Abortion Clinics Forced to Close

Trillion Dollar Settlement

Bankrupts the Abortion Industry

June 21st, 2002

Ask any homosexual activist whether it is any business of yours with whom they choose to have sex, especially when that choice means someone of the same gender. The answer will be unanimous: this is private, consensual and none of your business! Of course, homosexual activist go beyond even this.

The homosexual activist claims a right to openly live out their sexual preference and we must accept it.

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The old morality still matters

Our sure foundation is constitutional

June 29th, 2002 

Under God” is unconstitutional? 


Using tax dollars to send children to private and parochial schools is constitutional?


What gives?


What gives is an understanding of America’s Christian heritage.

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July 17th, 2002


Which one of these pledges is dangerous for our children to recite?

“I pledge allegiance to the Earth on which I stand, one world, one people, undivided, with food, shelter and justice for all.”

“I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

These pledges do compete for student time, at least in St. Paul, Minnesota, and I will bet, in your hometown as well.

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To whom should Americans pledge allegiance?

July 26th, 2002

The crazed Al Quida terrorist Zacarias Moussaoui wrote the above title on each of his hand-scrawled motions he submitted to US Federal Court. 

 As an American Christian who is deeply engaged in political battles, the French-Moroccan terrorist’s words incited and angered my spirit.  How can he dare accusing America of having a godless government?  Doesn’t he know our history!!

 Upon reflection, though, I find that he is right.

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Zacarias Moussaoui, Muslim v. US, godless government

An educated citizenry is required for our government to succeed. A successful government is required to maintain order. If we desire order to be maintained while maximizing individual liberty, we must have a government under the control of an educated citizenry.

These ideas are what drove our federal and state founders to justify the use of public funds to educate students in grades Kindergarten through twelfth. In poll after poll, Americans have shown their overwhelming support for continuing this mandate. But a significant number of America's children are prohibited from receiving the direct benefit of taxpayer support because their parents choose to use alternative education systems other than public schools.

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Education Freedom of Choice Amendment

Teens and dirty pictures

Lies in Court Spends Tax Dollars on Abortion

September 29, 1997

The 1973 Roe vs. Wade U.S. Supreme Court decision was a bad decision. Worse, it spawned more bad decisions. One of those was Doe vs. Gomez, decided by the Minnesota Supreme Court in 1995.

As tragic as it is that the Minnesota court ruled the state must pay for abortions for women enrolled in Medicaid, the state and federally funded health care program for the poor, the case illustrates how far askance of the law itself attorneys, elected officials and the courts will go to protect the so-called right to terminate the life of unborn babies.

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August 15th, 1998

Bill Clinton and his aides are planning their legal strategy in the wake of the Lewinsky tug boat. Having taken care to carefully choose words and phrases that carry dual meanings, we are told Clinton will be able to deny committing perjury and obstructing justice.

This is why people hate lawyers.

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Why we hate lawyers

January 1st, 2002

What does death taste like? To us, the living, it is a bitter gall…cold…chilling cold. Indeed, to those left behind, even in the passing of an aged, infirmed parent or friend, death has this bitter taste…and it has a lingering taste.

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