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January 14, 2003


"I think war is based in greed and there are huge karmic retributions that will follow.  I think war is never the answer to solving any problems.  The best way to solve problems is to not have enemies."

Singer Sheryl Crow, back stage at the American Music Awards, 2003


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Musicians would make lousy presidents


Alabama fired Judge Roy Moore yesterday.  Civilization will be saved. 

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Moore favors


June 20, 2003

Norma McCorvey has done a great thing, and the pro-abort crowd will hate her all the more for it.  Bravo, Norma.  We need more like you.

God shed His grace on McCorvey through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ for her sins.  Because of His work in her, she felt compelled to right a grievous wrong and has now filed a lawsuit, hoping to overturn the Supreme Court decision in which she acted as plaintiff, Roe v. Wade.  

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McCorvey’s lawsuit:

An important piece of the puzzle

October 30, 2003

“Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…” First Amendment, United States Constitution. 

The words are plain and easy to understand, but not for Federal Judge Myron Thompson. He ordered the removal of a 10 Commandments monument from Alabama’s Supreme Court Building. His ruling is perplexing and patently unconstitutional. 

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The Supreme Court is Not We The People

February 23, 2004

Why avoid the real issue in the controversy over gay activists’ demand that they be allowed to marry?  It is not really about their finances, or love, or fairness, or lack of procreative ability.  It is not about them being discriminated against in the same way historically faced by racial minorities – gays simply allege this to win sympathy from unthinking persons. 

This entire controversy is really about validation.


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Law serves as a guide:

Gay marriage validates their lifestyle

​October 25, 2004

Funny thing.  In 2000 I voted for Pat Buchanan.  This happened after I did an on-air analysis of the candidates and found that I had talked myself out of voting for George Bush.  Primarily, I disagreed with his No Child Left Behind program that serves to federalize education.  On other issues, I had less trouble supporting him.

Along comes 2004.  No Child Left Behind has become law – bad law.  President Bush's spending is frightening.  But I am impressed by the man.  And I believe that his re-election is critical to the survival of our freedoms.

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Quit beating around the Bushes:

John cannot Kerry the load

April 11, 2005


Minnesota’s Attorney General Mike Hatch recently published a white paper on health care.  He titled it, “HEALTH CARE: MAKING THE BEST OF A BAD BARGAIN.”  [Emphasis in the original]

Hatch dismisses America’s health care system as a failure.  He even titles one chapter, “THE FACE OF HEALTH CARE: PRETTY UGLY.”  [Emphasis in the original]

As evidence of failure he states,The United States ranks behind 47 other countries in life expectancy and behind 41 other countries in infant mortality.” [Emphasis added]

Such is the methodology of those who love big government and promote dream-world solutions.  To them, the numbers on a page tells a tragic story that only governments can rewrite.  But to ignore the stories behind the story is to miss the entire plot. 

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Welfare can be deadly to infants

April 22, 2005

The choir director ‘fessed up.  “I’m gay,” he told his impressionable but well-conditioned high school musicians.  Forty years ago, his coming out would have resulted in an emergency school board meeting and likely, his firing.  In 1965 things were different.

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Gay choir performs

with public school choir

Who cares?

May 18, 2005

The modern health care debate causes all sorts of problems for liberals and conservatives.  At the root of it is an argument about life, and inalienable rights.

The Declaration of Independence says that we “are endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Does every American have the right to a healthy life?  If so, what does that say about our health care system? 

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Culture or quality of life?​

You get what you pay ​for