Senate File 1 passed the Minnesota State Senate during the week of January 9. Next stop is HF 1, which will be passed the week of January 16 - and then a conference committee.

SF 1 provides premium subsidies for certain non-APTC enrollees in individual health plans.

A bill summary is in the adjoining article.

​To access SF 1, click here.

​HF 1 differs from SF 1. The most current version can be access here.

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This is a short highlight of what’s in SF 1. I am concerned that the GOP might be willing to pull out the insurance reforms in order to get Governor Dayton to sign the subsidy relief. That, in my opinion, would be a mistake. The Governor is desperate to take credit for premium relief – ask the GOP to use the leverage of the moment to persuade him to sign the entire bill as passed.

SF 1 Highlights (remember, this is all subject to a conference committee where anything and everything can change):

Premium assistance for 2017. Effective as soon as passed.

Minnesota residents who purchase qualified coverage for 2017, and meet certain income eligibility, and who are not receiving APTC. NOTE: The subsidy is a percentage of premium (see end comments).
The individual applies to the commissioner no later than 1/31/2018.
Carriers verify the applicant’s info and make app forms available on their websites.

The subsidies are:

  • 300-800% of FPG income at 25% until March 31, 2017
  • April through December 2017 – 300-400 get 30%, 400-600 get 25 percent, 600-800 percent get 20 percent paid monthly top each individual

The state spends a total of $300,157,000, of which $285 million is for subsidies. 6.7% is allocated for admin.

 Insurance Reforms:

  • Premium rates must be published within 10 days after they are filed with the Commerce Commissioner.
  • Reducing stop loss to $10,000 for small group, allowing for small groups to self-insure.
  • Allowing for-profit HMOs.
  • Allowing employers to use defined contribution health plans for individual purchase consistent with the new federal 21st Century Cures Act (see note at the end).
  • Transitional coverage for certain serious medical conditions, with money appropriated.
  • A residency verification process for applicants.
  • Creation of a reinsurance system (this is too technical for a short notice). Appropriates $150 million from general fund for 2018.
  • State innovation waiver (1332) must be requested.
  • Creation of Agriculture Co-op plans for professional farmers.


  1. The premium subsidy comes without any limits. That is, a person would receive a subsidy as a percentage of their bronze, silver, or gold premium. Those with bronze coverage receive far less than those with gold coverage. I suggested that if we must provide subsidies, they should be calculated based on the second-lowest silver plan. DFL Senator Lourey introduced that language, but it has not passed.
  2. Creating more opportunity for employer-sponsored defined contribution plans is a good idea, but without any new or affordable individual plans, I wonder if this will have any positive effect. A more comprehensive package of reforms is needed.

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Summary of SF 1

SF 1 Passes

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