June 6, 2002


Okay, so the headline is premature. But keep your eyes and ears peeled, because it could become a reality.

Life Dynamics, Inc. (LDI), a non-profit pro-life ministry from the Dallas, Texas area, will soon file either a massive class action lawsuit, or hundreds of individual lawsuits, on behalf of minors who were subject to statutory rape. Their premise is simple and so profound it is amazing that this has not previously been done.

LDI searched the laws in all 50 states. They are clear about the legal requirement for health care providers to report child abuse, and that includes statutory rape.

Statutory rape occurs when an adult has sexual intercourse with a girl younger than a certain age. The age varies by state, but it makes little difference in terms of LDI’s planned lawsuit, given the widespread nature of the problem.

The fact is that a huge percentage of 11-14 year old girls become impregnated every day by men older than 18. The sexual act is a felony known as statutory rape. The fornication is moral decadence.

In a recent Connecticut case, prosecutors are attempting to convict a 75-year old man who impregnated an 11-year old girl. Sadly, the prosecution of this man is the extreme exception, not the rule.

For the abortion clinics, the operating rule is this: If a girl young enough to fall under the statutory rape laws of a state reports to an abortion clinic for service, “look the other way and avoid asking the questions, but by all means, be sure to get the business. After all, that’s how we make money.” The clinic counselors know better.

LDI researched dozens of abortion industry training seminars, teach-ins, and studied industry literature. They quote from abortion attorneys who openly and plainly warn providers about their liability.

But, there is more.

LDI hired a 23-year old woman who has a youngish sounding voice to call 813 abortion providers nationwide. Where it was legal, they recorded the calls. An astoundingly high percentage of abortion counselors advised the 13-year old, who claimed a 22-year old had impregnated her, on how to avoid the issue and still get the abortion. That is, the abortion provider spoke the self-indicting words, directing the minor child how to keep the provider out of the position of breaking the law.

In some cases, the abortion provider, recognizing their liability once they had knowledge of the minor’s age, said, “We cannot help you, now that we know. But I tell you what. You can go to the clinic on the other side of town. Just be sure not to tell them about your boyfriend.” [Paraphrased]

Imagine a teenager walking into a liquor store with a 22-year old friend and choosing two fifths of Jack Daniels. Imagine the store clerk saying to him, “I know you are too young to buy this, but I see you brought in your older friend. That’ll be $32.95.”

Or if the clerk said, “Look, this is not the way to do it. Go to Larry’s Liquors, but just send your friend in. You stay out of view.”

Given the level of tobacco hysteria, imagine a 7-11 clerk advising a minor on how to get around the law so the child could buy cigarettes. The national media would have a field day, if they knew!

This is far more serious.

Abortion providers kill the babies of thousands of minor girls each day. Adult men impregnated thousands of those minor girls. Tens of thousands of acts of statutory rape have occurred to produce these pregnancies. And it makes no difference if the sex act was consensual – it is still statutory rape.

And the operators and staff of abortion clinics are criminals, and soon, they will pay dearly. Add to this the public school-based health clinics that refer minor girls to abortion mills, who also have legal liability to report statutory rape. Add to this government agencies that provide funds for clinics that knowingly violate laws regarding the reporting of statutory rape.

The tobacco industry suffered billions of dollars in losses. Theirs will no longer be the largest civil court case in history. True, the case did not put the tobacco industry out of business, but they were not convicted of a felony crime.

Urge your state’s pro-life groups to contact LDI to learn how to initiate action.

Urge your county attorneys and state’s attorney general to investigate these violations in their jurisdictions. If they seem confused, send them to http://www.childpredators.com. And if you know anyone who works as a medical provider that even sniffs of abortion, send them to http://www.clinicworker.com.

Meanwhile, see if the gutless, pro-abortion media managers continue to sit on this story, because they know all about it. See if they avoid writing the headline – Abortion Industry Bankrupted!

      (To contact Life Dynamics, Inc. and learn how you can become involved, go to http://www.lifedynamics.com.)

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