We are going to train Christocrats!

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Our Leadership:

Dave Racer, MLitt, will create, publish, and then at the outset, teach the course.

Youth Advisory Council is a group of Dave's former students who counsel him to help better communicate with today's high school and college youth.

Our Vision:

A renewal of the United States as the Shining City on the Hill, broadcasting liberty here and abroad, as a place where all generations can flourish in peace and safety.

Our Mission:

To equip today's teenagers and college students with the knowledge and tools to rediscover and apply America's Christian foundational principles to protect and proclaim their future liberty.

To similarly instruct adults.

Christocrat Now

​​​Christocrat (kriss’ toe krat) Noun

1)   a term credited to Dr. Benjamin Rush, a signer of the American Declaration of Independence. 
2)   a person who confesses to be a Christian and engages in civic life.
3)   a person who confesses to be a Christian and engages in America’s political system. 
4)   a person who confesses to be a Christian and understands the legitimacy and fundamental importance of America’s Christian heritage. 

A Christocrat’s first allegiance is to God and he/she lives in tune with Jesus Christ, empowered by His Holy Spirit and informed by His Word – the Holy Bible.

A Christocrat works to create a safe and peaceful society in which all individuals can enjoy life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness – a society built on the foundation of Christian thought, action, and deed. 

A Christocratic society would be the “Shining City Upon the Hill,” about which Jonathan Witherspoon wrote in 1630, and which was referenced by Republican President Ronald Reagan in 1974. Democratic President John F. Kennedy described a Christocratic society when he said our nation is tied together with the “silver threads [that] run through the warp and the woof of American history” of “a strong religious conviction and…a recognition that this conviction could flourish only under a system of freedom.”

A Christocrat seeks a safe and just society in which men and women can aspire to think, speak, and act as would Jesus Christ. Christocrats recognize that others, including other Christians, may not share their worldview. The Christocrat retains and asserts the right and duty to live out his/her faith so as to influence others while respecting differences.

A Christocrat wants to reclaim what America’s Founding Fathers gave to all – a system of government for a people that love liberty; a system built in an American era in which Christianity was the predominate worldview. 

Phase 1 outline

“Confidence in the traditional American dream -- that each generation can work its way up in the world and have a better life than the previous generation -- appears to be slipping away.” -- Gallup, 2011

As a nation, the United States faces many challenges that could shackle our youth: 

  • Increasing national debt.
  • A growing threat from global terrorism. 
  • The denigration of traditional Christian faith, a bedrock upon which American liberty is based. 
  • A lack of clear vision and national purpose that clouds nearly all that the Political Class does “on our behalf.”

We’ve reached a fork in the road. One way leads to a loss of liberty, and the other, to a renewed hope for freedom.  We cannot stand by and watch America crumble resulting in our young people losing their unalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Young people cannot build a better future without our help! We’re stepping up to the plate to serve today’s youth and help them build a better tomorrow.

Our mission is to train up a new generation of Americans; teaching them to participate, preserve, protect, and practice foundational American principles so that they might enjoy the fruits of liberty. We do this to fulfill the promise of the U.S. Constitution “to secure the blessings of liberty to our posterity.”

We are:

  • Instructing America’s youth how to apply their Christian faith to citizenship.
  • Instilling in America’s youth a working knowledge of the foundations of America’s Christian civic history.
  • Equipping America’s youth to respond to and interact with daily civic life as Christ-centered citizens.

America’s future lies in the hands of her young people, and more specifically, Christian young people – their future lies in our hands. Help us light a fire in them so that they can see, comprehend, and engage in civic life. With our help, they can seize on their right and obligation to do so. 

Help us train Christocrats to enter careers in business, government, church, and education. With God at the center of all they do, they will shape and rebuild our society upon a foundation of Christian principles. 

We are going to train Christocrats! (See sidebar)

Today's Youth - Tomorrow's Leaders

We need prayer warriors: Ask God to  protect and inform us as we move ahead.

We need places to speak and teach: Use our Contact Form to connect with us.

Help us financially: We have a nationwide vision to help our youth to become the leaders they are called to be. We need your support to see this through.

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Christocrat NOW is an educational program targeted to high school and college-aged students, but is certainly appropriate for all adults. 

It will consist of:
1.   Phase 1 - A textbook for instruction and reference throughout training. 
2.   Phase 2 - A three-hour training seminar which can also be taught to Christocrat NOW instructors around the nation.  
3.   Phase 3 - A workbook supported by an interactive website for students as well as instructors.

Author - Speaker - teacher

Phase 1 Timeline

Project Development – While completing the textbook, Dave Racer will be speaking and teaching to youth all across America while simultaneously training instructors to teach the Christocrat NOW material in their own classrooms. We envision a national teaching platform and motivational project which will have a powerful effect on America’s future.

Dave is currently writing and publishing the book – Email us to receive a copy of the book's introduction.

dgracer @ comcast dot net

     a) Started Dec. 15, 2014.
     b) Draft completed: May 15, 2015.
     c) Edits completed, May 31, 2015.
     d) Cover and galleys completed, June 1, 2015 and sent to the printer.
     e) Books received into inventory, July 15, 2015.

Budget – $30,000
     1) Research and writing, $18,000.
     2) Editing, $3,000.
     3) Preparation for printer, including cover - $2,000.
     4) Printing 5,000 copies, $7,000. 

The Phases II and Phase III timelines will be announced with expected project completion dates of September 30, 2015.