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May 30, 2002


Pro-life activists are quick to point out those corporate interests who fund abortion providers. Lifeline, a division of Amerivision, built an entire long distance telephone business by persuading pro-lifers to change to their service instead of the Big Three – AT&T, Sprint and MCI – who help fund Planned Parenthood and other evil entities.

Numerous organizations and thousands of individuals have made choices about where to shop based solely on this question: Does this company give money to organizations that encourage or provide abortions? Many people refused to go to Target Stores until they reversed their policy and quit giving to Planned Parenthood.

It is a good thing not to help fund those who kill nascent human life in the womb, i.e. aborting a child.

Now we have a chance to thank a big corporation.

General Electric recently released a television commercial that is phenomenal and powerful. Its purpose is to promote their new “4D Ultrasound” equipment. Using their new technology, they can show a baby laying in a mother’s womb in full, living and vivid color.

The TV commercial shows a mother’s face smiling in amazement at something, then the father’s head is seen alongside hers. The music underneath it all is, “The first time I ever saw your face.” From over their shoulders you see a computer monitor and a full color picture of a beautiful baby swimming at peace in the womb.

The camera pans closer to the monitor and we, like the parents, look in amazement at God’s creation – a new human life. The announcer talks about the first time you see your child’s face and we see mother and father lying on the bed, a newly delivered baby between them.

The commercial closes with “GE, we bring good things to life.”

My heart jumped for joy at this beautiful picture of creation.

But pro-lifers have known this all along. That really is a baby in there, not a blob of tissue or a product of contraception.

And science has now proven that as the mother’s fertilized egg begins to split, an entirely new DNA map is drawn for that being conceived within her. That tiny being is not a thing – it is a unique human being, with its own human characteristics already determined.

We who call ourselves pro-life had ample scientific proof prior to DNA mapping, and we did not need a picture drawn for us by GE. Instead, we have relied on God’s Word, the same God relied upon by America’s founding fathers when they accepted as truth those immortal words found in The Declaration of Independence: “We hold these Truths to be self-evident; that all men are created and are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.”

The only picture available to the founding fathers was the light of Scripture and the observation of human reason. It has been the same with us pro-lifers. We did not need a picture to know the truth, but nonetheless, we are grateful for it.

If it is true that a picture paints a thousand words, then have at it. Tell the world of abortion advocates to set aside their hatred of self-evident truth and see vividly what our thousands of words have been unable to do. Let them see for themselves what that thing in the womb really is.

Then take a count. Count those who still refuse to admit that a baby resides in the womb. They are the truly evil ones. They are the truly selfish ones who put their own interests above all else.

Encourage your pro-life friends with this beautiful picture. Take comfort in the fact that once again, we find proof for what we knew: that God brings good things to life, and GE should get credit for showing His creation.

You should take a few minutes and view the commercial for yourself by linking to (unless the pro-abortion thugs have forced GE to remove it). And send GE a “thank you.”

Congratulations to GE for

bringing good things to life