June 25, 1998

Al Gore knows a New World Order when he sees one. He has stated that the environment will be the world's new organizing principle.

Gore is serious about this and so are the thousands of tree-huggers and internationalists he attracts. He is supported by a gaggle of Chicken Little-like scientists who warn that the sky is falling. Their computer models conclude that human activity is driving up average worldwide temperatures.

Since little consensus exists about global warming along a wide breadth of scientists, how can it be that the "Gorites" are making so much progress? How can Americans be so duped that they are willing to surrender rights to a United Nations-led reorganization of political and economic borders? If America is a nation of an educated citizenry, how can these charlatans enjoy such great success, almost unchallenged by academia, media, churches - almost all of American society?

Look first to the government schools. They are the temples of modern "enlightenment," first emptied of God-centered religious faith for man-centered humanism and now the home of earth-worshiping paganism.
Unhindered by spiritual truth and the questions it raises, children are being lied to about human effects on the earth. A despot's proverbs holds, "Win the minds of school-age children and you will own their political allegiance in their adulthood." That, however, does not remove all necessary roadblocks for the earth first fanatics and their drive for global governance.

George Gallup found that 94 percent of Americans claim belief in God. He adds, "while religion is broad, it is not very deep." Gallup says that faith "is not rooted Biblically," and how can it be when government schools have banished its influence from their temples of learning?

Yet, Gallup says, we are, "in the most churched period of our entire history." So what are churches teaching about the primacy of human life and stewardship of creation?

The National Religious Partnership for the Environment (NRPE) provides some of the answers.

Beginning in 1992, the NRPE, a coalition of several major religious groups - Protestant, Catholic and Jewish - set out to change the minds and hearts of Americans. They invested $5 million to fund three mailings to 67,300 American churches and synagogues with more than 100 million congregates to "educate" and "activate" them about earth stewardship.

Not only well-financed, the NRPE is clever. They have adapted their materials to fit the dogma of each of their faith-targets. Cloaked in assertions attractive to the Biblically-adrift, the NRPE describes man's assault on the earth and moves these new converts to action. The action includes training for political activity designed to bring about earth-friendly public policy energized by religious passion.

The NRPE is not about worshiping God, the Creator. It is about worshiping the creation, Gaia, and they expect us to join in. They believe that humans are Gaia's children and we created God.

How have Christians responded? They create projects to save the earth; reinforce the fears of their children through "earth-speak" clothed in pious terms. Or, they stick their heads in the sand.

Christians are notorious for their holy huddle approach to life. "If it is not of mu church, then it is not my concern." But not this time.

David Freeman, the founder of the radical leftist environmental group EarthFirst! says he is at war, and that in this war there are no bystanders. He intends to conscript Christians for his side or crush them with superior forces.

Jesus said, "…the truth shall make you free…" He spoke of freedom from our sin nature. But His truth also includes freedom from false gods, the same gods who existed in the beginning. The Psalmist writes, "For all the gods of the nations are idols: but the LORD made the heavens."

America has moved from a foundational philosophy of, "In the beginning, God…" to one that increasingly believes, "In the beginning, gas…"

The world's organizing principle should be the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but Gore's assertion will win if Christians refuse to fight this war and, by default, ring in Gore's great new world.

Earth gods deceive God's people

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