August 14, 1998

David Nelson came to school one day as Debra Davis. He dresses and talks like a woman, and even tries to use the women's bathroom.

School officials at Minneapolis Southwest High School want the school children to understand and be tolerant of Nelson/Davis. They have even created a "unisex" toilet for him/her, despite the fact he/she would rather go into the ladies' room.

No doubt the gay teen drop-in center in Minneapolis, called Room 202, has been doing an extraordinary volume of business with Southwest High students who are now even more confused about their "sexual orientation."

Meanwhile, since it is obvious that the general public is ready to tolerate people like Nelson/Davis, then it must hold true that America has fully embraced gayness as just another alternative lifestyle. Hence, why would anyone question George Stephanopoulos, one of Bill Clinton's former moral advisors, or Sheila Burke, who served the same purpose for Bob Dole, when they wrote an advisory book for congressional candidates? Their book of instructions' purpose is "to help congressional candidates win the hearts and minds of gay voters this November."

George and Sheila understand coalition-building. Perhaps as many as four percent of American adults have some identification as homosexual or lesbian. No candidate would want to cross such a large voting bloc, despite the 25 percent or so of voters identified as religious right.

While we are all becoming so tolerant of people who decide how to live based on the method they choose to have sexual relations, we notice that the military forces are facing a new dilemma: too many are washing out.

Recent reports show that as many as 36 percent of enlisted recruits end up on the outside looking in. Moral and military readiness, two factors which, pre-Clinton, were thought to be essential to military success, have plunged. Why? Troop strength continues its downward spiral and yet, our modern, caring president sends our boys and girls to keep the peace all across the world. Too few troops trying to do too many things, some of which they were never trained to do.

And the boys and girls together part is also a problem.

The reason many of those 36 percent are kicked out is for misbehavior, performance shortfalls, obesity, pregnancy and physical problems before they finish that first enlistment. Military experts reportedly blame the values breakdown among America's youth for this frightening failure.

Military leaders are struggling with what to do with coeducational forces, given the breakdown of morale and what would have been tagged in the old days, breakdown of morals. They seem surprised by what happens when men and women train together under the types of induced-stress that forms part of the military experience.

There is a solution, however. Simply ask the military men to dress as women and ask no more of them than they are willing to volunteer. It works in Minneapolis.

Our modern, tolerant society

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