How I Expect to Fund this Project



1. the practice of funding a project or venture by raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people.

Have you ever heard of crowdfunding? How it works is that people from across a certain population contribute money toward the development of a new idea or project. Some of these projects typically include books, movies, documentaries, paintings, scripts, plays, and more. Contributors often receive one of the first copies of the book or a DVD of the movie, etc.

Here's what's happening: though contributors don't actually have physical ownership in the project, we all get to share in the fellowship of contributing toward the next generation, and that, my friends, is something in which we can gladly take ownership!

By credit or debit card:
Use the buttons on the right to use PayPal. Use the first button for a $100 contribution.* Use the second button if you wish to contribute more or less than $100.

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Our Leadership:

Dave Racer, MLitt, will create, publish, and then at the outset, teach the course.

Youth Advisory Council is a group of Dave's former students who counsel him to help better communicate with today's high school and college youth.

Our Vision:

A renewal of the United States as the Shining City on the Hill, broadcasting liberty here and abroad, as a place where all generations can flourish in peace and safety.

Our Mission:

To equip today's teenagers and college students with the knowledge and tools to rediscover and apply America's Christian foundational principles to protect and proclaim their future liberty.

To similarly instruct adults

* In most cases, this is not a tax deductible contribution.

Invest in their liberty

Your $100 contribution* is like an investment - a share of the project. When combined with others like you, it makes this project possible. Funds will pay to create and print a book and workbook. Then, a teaching program with PowerPoints and scripts. And finally, launch the program all across the country.

There are two ways to contribute:

To use a check:

Send a check make payable to DGRCommunications, Inc. to: DGRCommunications, Inc.1535 Barclay St, Ste B-1 - St Paul MN 55106-1405

Training Christocrats

Author - Speaker - teacher

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