Author - Speaker - teacher

You will pick the issues we consider, write your bills, choose your co-authors, and form alliances. All members will be allowed to write at least one bill (with the Gov's help, of course). Find incredible witnesses - and learn, laugh, and yes, play at lawmaking.​ 

On Day 2 we will:

  • Build alliances
  • Consider and Introduce Bills
  • Begin Contacting Witnesses

On Day 3 we will:

  • Hear witnesses
  • Introduce additional bills
  • Discuss bills

On Day 4 we will:

  • Hear witnesses
  • Introduce additional bills
  • Discuss bills

On Day 5 we will:

  • Hear witnesses
  • Write final bills

On Day 6 we will consider all bills, present awards (if any), take loads of photos, and create other new traditions. Gov. Racer will tear up.

Order of Business

On Day 1 we will:

  • Pass the Rules
  • Elect a President
  • Elect a Majority Leader
  • Organize the Leadership Team (Secretary, Parliamentarian, etc
  • Consider and Select Issue Areas
  • Organize the Session

Low cost, High reward

If you play sports, think of this as a summer season. A chance to improve your leadership and people skills, gain knowledge, and rev up that Student Senate camaraderie. There nothing like it.

Tuition is xxx and  includes your Summer Session Senate folder, name tag, and of course, the yellow legal pad, rules, the roster and a huge opportunity for fun.

We are hoping to enroll 20 members. Official registration opened on June 1. Your tuition payment will serve as your registration.

No summer session 2016

Not enough interest. Maybe 2017.

"Gov." Racer and a leadership team you will elect!


Six week schedule, one weekday per week starting Wednesday, July 6 and ending Wednesday, August 10.

Suggested Schedule:

  • Week 1: 9 AM - 1 PM
  • Week 2-5: 9 AM - Noon
  • Week 6: 9 AM-1 PM

Summer Session Student Senate

2016 Student Senate

The "Governor" and his Chief of Staff, Krista Joy Rekstad, will prepare everything.

But you get to vote for the President and Majority Leader.