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What is this project all about, and why should you become engaged with it?

Ashley Zachman (2010): Mr. Racer taught me that being educated in the political realm is not only very important is vital to our nations well-being. I would encourage anyone who has the opportunity to learn from him to take full advantage with a grateful heart.

Reclaiming Liberty for Their Future

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Dave Wallace (2004): Dave Racer did a phenomenal job in making the class interesting and, dare I say, even enjoyable. It was easy to observe his passion and concern for American government…a contagious emotion sparking an interest in me as well. Moreover, as I reflect on my development as a man since that time, I am increasingly tuned into and aware of the continually evolving political landscape of how our nation is governed and managed. It should go without saying it attention to and participation in our nation’s government affairs is a PRIVILEGE and a RIGHT many of us neglect. I am blessed and grateful to have this knowledge and interest instilled in me from a young age through the help of Dave.

Ethan Urtel (2012): Mr. Racer’s teaching has meant a great deal to me.  I may have not realized this as much at the time, but as I keep looking back it helped me a great deal to be a better student and better leader.  His teaching and light-hearted humor made me appreciate the functions of government and politics more, and encouraged me and other students to take a stance and not be ashamed of Christianity shaping every decision I make.

What Dave's Students Had to Say - All comments were made during the Fall of 2014: