2014-2015 Council Members:

Each of these have served in leadership positions on Student Senate. More will be added as the project grows.

Zoe Brekke

Paul Flowers

Connor Knutsen

Logan Knutsen

Aaron Mackey

Nathan Tonkinson

Chase Tunell

Krista Joy Rekstad, Council Chair:

Krista served four terms in Student Senate, which included a term each as President, Majority Leader, and Committee Chair. She is currently enrolled in college, and serves as Dave Racer's intern.

Since 1998, hundreds of students have completed Dave Racer's "American Government-For Real!" course, and participated in Student Senate. The students on the Youth Advisory Council have all completed these programs, and are either already in the work-world or completing college degrees. Their role is to advise Dave Racer on how best to communicate with today's youth, keeping the content relevant and effective, while not sacrificing the foundational principles of liberty.

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