July 26, 2002

The crazed Al Quida terrorist Zacarias Moussaoui wrote the above title on each of his hand-scrawled motions he submitted to US Federal Court. 

As an American Christian who is deeply engaged in political battles, the French-Moroccan terrorist’s words incited and angered my spirit.  How can he dare accusing America of having a godless government?  Doesn’t he know our history!!

Upon reflection, though, I find that he is right.

Minnesota State Representative Mark Olson reminded me recently how God has always used the most hated enemies of His people to discipline them.  Olson sees Moussaoui’s words as prophetic, and a forerunner of what lies ahead for America.

“But we have worked so hard to elect Christians to office during the last two decades,” you protest.  Yes, and…

 America’s slide into cultural and political depravity heightened during these decades of religious political engagement.  Who can question this?

Godless hedonism dominates popular culture.  Secular humanism dominates government forms and schools.  Constitutionalism is thrown aside at the whim of a crisis-lead Congress and a Supreme Court that cares little for original intent and hates God.

Churches shy away from making cultural statements that are drawn with straight lines and sharp corners.  Instead, they preach tolerance for every bizarre Godless lifestyle or heathen belief.  It’s as if they see their mission as does Rush Limbaugh – to attract the largest possible audience and hold them as long as possible.  Well, at least Rush converts some of his audience to conservatism.

George W. Bush professes personal faith in Jesus Christ and has tried to live a transparent life of faith.  John Ashcroft is a mighty Christian warrior, yet it is on their watch that we see civil rights falling aside, and the people wanting them to do more – in the name of “security” as they cry out for peace.

And where are God’s people in all this, the ones He calls by His name?  Christians, that is.

Christians continue to slide by, anonymously enjoying the benefits of freedom without paying the price of engagement.  In their holy huddles they enjoy this modern version of religious freedom where everything is accepted publicly save for Christian faith, where at least no one has thrown them from their houses of worship.  And they slide by without knowing that at the bottom of the slope is hellish oppression.

Mark Skogerboe, the President of The Declaration Project LLC, believes he has an answer for this Christian capitulation – calling on God in humility through sacrifice, confession and contrition.  The lay Lutheran preacher intends to tell his Colfax, Wisconsin congregation his plan this weekend.  He told me several days ago.

The scripture, Mark points out, teaches that some things change only through fervent prayer and fasting.  Furthermore, Mark says, as he pumps his fists and raises his powerful voice for emphasis, nothing great in America has ever happened without a spiritual revival coming first.

So Mark decided to fast from midnight August 1 through midnight August 4.  I decided to join him.  The more people we have told, the more have joined the fast.

Now I am asking my readers to do the same.

Fast and pray for America for at least a portion of those three days.  Humble yourself, and pray, and seek God’s face; turn from your own wicked ways.  Entreat God that America might once again become a People of Faith, and that the hand of the fierce enemy standing at the door with his biological and dirty bombs might be stopped.  Ask God to restore His justice to our courts and His commandments to each American heart.

Pray for your family, friends and neighbors; for healing, health and happiness.  More so, pray for their salvation and submission to God.

Why do I ask you to do this?

 “…one nation under God…” is the phrase from the Pledge of Allegiance that sets America apart from all other nations.  And despite the source of his vision, Zacarias Moussaoi has seen that we are no longer under God’s protection, that we are vulnerable – and he intends to slay us, as the Assyrians slew Israel.

 “Oh God, stay the hand of our enemies and slay my sinful spirit.”

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